The Heathlands Park has been built on an area of land located between the Heathlands and Oxclose Park estates. The Park is adjacent to Deepwell Bank/Deepwell Court and Oxclose Park Way.  The park is approximately 2.2 hectares in size.

Funding for the project comes from Section 106 agreements. Section 106 is a legal agreement made between a property developer and a local authority.  The developer provides funds to be used for a specific purpose.  In this case the funding agreements for the Heathlands estate state that the money must be used for greenspace and play improvements which benefit the residents of the housing built.  There is a total of £250,000 of capital funds to be used on physical improvements that are available for this project from Section 106.  In addition the South East Community Assembly have allocated funds of £9048 towards the path improvements.

A ‘Friends of’ group has been established since Jan 2010 – allowing residents to have a say in how funding is spent.