Important Membership Info

Anyone is welcome to become a “Friend of Heathlands Park” (abbreviated as FOHP).  We do ask that members donate a very small subscription fee – which combined with all our members donations enables us to buy the compulsory small group annual insurance – with the remaining funds going towards minimal costs, of which have enabled us to apply for grants (which are only available to non-profit groups such as the FOHP).

Since formation, the FOHP has had subscriptions totalling under £400 from members which, when combined with our activities and successful grant applications, have raised over £21,000 worth of extra spending for the park.  This significant amount of money has enabled us all to have extra play equipment, develop the orchard and plant approximately 10,000 bulbs.  None of this would have been possible without FOHP.

To become a new member, or to renew an existing FOHP subscription, please visit our downloads page.

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