Holbrook Heath Sheffield BioBlitz Event

The Environmental department at Sheffield City Council have arranged a series of events in Sheffield under the banner “Sheffield BioBlitz”.  Many of the events are on the South side of Sheffield although none of these events are directly being organised and hosted by the Friends of Heathlands Park.

One local event is on Friday 18th May 2012, between 14:00 and 16:30, and is being organised by the Sorby natural history society (hosted by Derek Whiteley).  The event is a walk through and recording of flora and forna in the Holbrook Marshes. Derek has hosted many of the events which have taken place under the FOHP banner (some of you probably remember him from the Bat Walk) and he is a mine of information if you have any questions.

The details of this event are available on our downloads page.  The meeting point is on Station Road, the road linking Halfway Tram Terminus with Killarmarsh.  The location on Station Road is at the public footpath next to the petrol station.  Use this map for the exact location.

If you would like to see what other events are taking place (and there are a lot that week and over the coming month), the link to the Sheffield Environment Weeks website is http://www.sheffieldenvironment.org/events.  There is lots of information about events and groups on this website which is constantly being updated so you might want to bookmark it!

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